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Commonly Asked Questions


What are the residents rooms like?

Our home features 8 large private rooms each with a private bathroom. Every room is spacious yet comfortable and has at least one large window that allows the natural outdoor beauty in. Residents can decorate and personalize their rooms and are encouraged to bring personal items and sentimental pieces from home!


How is Cedar Ridge different than a large community or facility type of environment?

At Cedar Ridge we will provide more individual, personalized attention and care in a setting that feels like home. Our home is located in a quiet, serene country area and is designed to make all those that live here feel safe and comfortable. The intimate, yet spacious open floor plan creates a warm, cozy environment. Our great room has a fireplace and is located in the middle of our home. Next to it is an open kitchen with a separate sit down dining area that has a large patio off the rear of the home. It has many full sized windows to let in plenty of natural light and allows the breathtaking views of the countryside in. It is beautifully decorated and has all the amenities that make a house a home.


How do you know if you or a loved one should consider assisted living?
To help determine if assisted living is right for you or a loved one, ask yourself the following:

  • Are you having trouble with your memory, but do not need 24-hour nursing home care?
  • Is it difficult to make nutritious meals, clean, and do laundry?
  • Can you safely take medications?
  • Is there someone to help if you have a fall?
  • Do you feel safe when showering or bathing?

How much is the monthly fee?

Our monthly fee includes nearly everything a resident needs. A detailed list is included on our services page.  It does not include medication, medical equipment and supplies, physician and other medical services, emergency vehicle charges, services for private telephone and private cable television, and personal hygiene products. The monthly fee is based on each resident's needs and will be determined during the residents Level of Care Assessment prior to moving in. There are various payment options available, please contact us for more information.